Accidentally Lunch


BANDUNG – Without prior plan nor agreement, Iben invited us to have a lunch at The Valley, Dago Pakar, Bandung. Yes, both of the family has their own business to be in Bandung today, and fortunately by the noon each of them has no longer to do but lunch. So here we are, having a great and nice lunch altogether. Thanks a lot brother!

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Parent’s Meeting at NFBS Lembang

LEMBANG – Today, we are attending a parent’s meeting in our oldest daughter next school, Nurul Fikri Boarding School, Lembang. In this meeting, we are informed about many rules for ‘santri’ or student who will face a ‘new whole world’ for them. Not for the student, actually, but also for the parents.

InsyaAllah all of us, the parent and our daughter, will prepare for our new live in the next semester for our better Islamic life.

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