Meet My Old Friend


SINGAPORE – There’s a man waving at me when I was entering the waiting room at C17 Changi Airport. Oh dear, he’s Antonius Toding, my old friend in Bontang. He’s just back from Johor Bahru with his family, visiting Legoland there.

Sometime, without any thoughts whatsoever, we were met with a good surprise. Just like this, alhamdulillaah.

Oh I forget to mention, this picture was taken by his son. Good shot, boy.


3 thoughts on “Meet My Old Friend

  1. oyik, kalau ada foto-foto bontang vidatra angkatan kita, diupload lagi dong. the more the better the merrier. biasanya ketemu rudi dan faby, kirain kamu juga kathut bakal ikutan. aku rencananya akhir tahun ke jakarta dan yogya. hope to catch you up. salam buat semuanya yang masih ingat aku. also for your lovely family


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