Always Looking for Halal Sign

JAKARTA – It’s been our habit, if we should take a lunch or dinner outside, to looking for halal cooking restaurant. Fortunately, in some countries the Halal sign has been a common thing, even in some European countries.

Like tonight, we take a dinner at Pho 24, a noodle restaurant from Vietnam, a country where Islam is a minority religion there. This restaurant has a MUI halal sign on the wall, ensures us to have a meal here.

And surprisingly, when I take their Hoisin sauce to be added into the noodles, I read the Halal sign from Vietnamese Islamic Community printed in the bottle. Alhamdulillaah, this is great, really makes me happy to dine in here, and looking forward to coming back again.

Good job, Pho 24!

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One thought on “Always Looking for Halal Sign

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