My Brother Udin


JAKARTA – I have an old friend, or I may say, my brother. His name is Udin, who had a disabled leg because of Polio disease when he was a baby. For his activities, everyday he uses crutches to help him walk.

I knew him when undergoing KKN (Kuliah Kerja Nyata/Practising to apply our knowledges in several areas near Semarang) at his village in Jepara, Central Java in year 1994. At that time, Udin is close to every KKN team person and he was willing to help anything. He was such a strong boy, strong in will and physics, something that make us forgot that he was a disabled man.

Until now, our relationship is still going well, though we only communicate through the phone. As today he sent a photo of himself with Eid clothes and sarong that I sent him, it makes me think to post his photo here in my blog.

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