Coffee Atjeh

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BANDUNG – On our way to Lembang, we stop by in Gampoeng Aceh Resto at Jalan H Djuanda to find a meal. We order roti Cane with various topping. But the real thing here is this coffee. I don’t know what brand they use for this coffee, but from the taste and the ‘shot glass’ they provide of, remembering me my good memory of coffee time in Banda Aceh 6 years ago.

I have one favorite of ‘kedai kopi’ in Banda, named Jasa Ayah at Ulee Kareng. The place is not so comfortable because it’s so noisy and little bit crowded. But they sell the best coffee in my taste, and I keep buying this coffee to these days, everytime I have friend who visits Aceh.

And when I taste this coffee, it flies me to Jasa Ayah right away.

Oh, almost forget to mention. You can’t beat their Cane Kari Kambing here. Add that with Kopi Aceh, sooooo delicious!

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