Flood in My Neighborhood


BEKASI – Now it’s a rainy season. As always, when the rain intensity is high, the flood is coming too. Moreover, here in Bekasi where the housing complex location is usually below the road.

Old man said, mostly the houses were built upon the paddy field or the lowland which the running water used to take place. So when all the land were sold and many developers build the houses over it, no wonder many houses were flooded like this.

Fortunately, we have no river in our residence, and the flood were gone several hours later. But for those in riverside area, the catastrophic was present and near.

For instance, like in our neighbor residence, IKIP Bekasi, the flood may stays in days and the water level is so high. The flood may come anytime although in their place the rain has not falling yet. People said that as ‘banjir kiriman’ or flood attack.

At the time I took this picture, the road in front of that complex was closed due to the high flood and until the day I wrote this, the flood is still there although the rain has stopped.

Innalillahi wa innaa ilaihi roojiuun. I hope this nightmare won’t stay long..


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