Lotte Ciputra World Musholla


JAKARTA – I always wonder about musholla/prayer room in new mall here like Lotte Shopping Avenue in Ciputra World building. If the old mall usually put the prayer room in basement or in the car parking lot, most the new ones already provide musholla in their storeys inside.

Several good things that take my attention here are:
1. This musholla has a nice prayer room interior design (see the above pic), even on its ablution area:


2. Nice partition to devide the prayer room.


3. Sarong, mukenah and sajadah are available and kept in nice racks.


4. No officers to keep the shoes but they’re providing lockers for free.


Okay, those are my first impression about this lovely musholla. By not putting this musholla  in the stinky area along with the cars is already taken my hat off, moreover with clean, nice and well-design interior like this, It’s really deserved to put the label of ‘Executive Musholla’ on front.

Keep up the good things, please.


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