Ingga’s Letter


JAKARTA – This might be a rare thing for a man to drop his tears. But i hardly can hold my eyes wet to read my eldest daughter’s three-pages-letter this morning. I won’t show her letter here to read, but I tell you, the way she chose the words to express her feeling, really touched me. She’s not a little kid anymore..

Her pesantren asked their students to write a letter for each parents before they leave for 4-months-study in Amman, Jordania. They left to Jordania last Saturday night. Ingga gave this letter a week prior to depart. She asked us not to read this letter until she left. We obey that and I just have a heart to read her letter this morning.

What I can say about this thing is, we did not always know about our own children. They might have changed in time. They have been growing up and have learnt something good for their life. And someday, they will leave us. They will leave from what-we-called a home, for a reason or for good. She even said, our last met in airport could be the last time to meet. Can you believe your sixteen-years-old daughter said that to you?

It is our duty to prepare everything for our children’s good future like our parents did. But don’t forget to always spare your time for your children at home, because what we have missed, it’s hard to take them back.


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