Mosques Hunter

SURABAYA – One of my interest when visiting any cities is hunting for the mosque. Not just the ordinary mosque but I prefer the biggest mosque or the historical ones.

Like our trip to Surabaya this weekend, I put Ampel and Cenghoo mosques in the list.

Masjid Ceng Hoo

Masjid Ceng Hoo

The first one is Cenghoo mosque outside of Surabaya, in Pandaan. We stop by and performing jama’ Dzuhur and Ashar here in our way to Taman Safari II in Prigen. This unusual design of mosque really attracts visitors, not mention the red that dominating the colour of this mosque. More about this mosque can be read here.

Masjid Ampel Surabaya

Masjid Ampel Surabaya

The second mosque I visited was the Ampel mosque. I went to this ancient mosque (built in year 1421 by one of Wali Songo Raden Rahmatullah or known as Sunan Ampel) on fajr pray this morning. Surprisingly, the market that surrounding this mosque was alive for 24 hours, due to this mosque and the grave of Sunan Ampel were one of tourist destinations in Surabaya. For more information about this mosque, you can read here.

That’s it. For me, visiting many mosques around cities or countries can recharge my spirit and pride about this religion. How about you?


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