Our Red Shirts at JG Reunion


SEMARANG – Tonight is the night! All my grandpa families from all around the world (lebay word spoken 🙂 ) are gathering altogether here in Sapphire Room, Quest Hotel, Semarang for the main event of this big family reunion, titled ‘Malam Reuni Keluarga Besar MS Mintardjo’.

To make a distinctive performance for our parents big family, we are all wearing red shirts with special text and logo on it. The concept and words of ‘Anak Cucu Edi & Niniek Kresnadi Koesoemo’ were from my brother Ibnu, while the family member’s cartoon were drawn by Ingga and Najah, my daughters. I did the easiest part, digitalizing the drawing, put this there and there, then giving them some colors. My wife has her speciality job too, to order these shirts with the lowest price as possible 🙂

So here we are, standing together in front of the audience with our red shirts. Worn with pride, of course!

Anak Cucu Kresnadi Outlined

But unfortunately, we missed one thing. Mbak Ingga could not join this event, because she had not permission to leave her pesantren.. 😦

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