Arjuna Reimagined T-Shirt is Arrived!


Wow, my new t-shirt has arrived! Not an ordinary one, but this t-shirt is fully designed by my nephew Rafif. He builds characters from Pandawa Lima wayang into the modern and futuristic designs of, what-he-called, ‘Wayang Reimagined‘.

Rafif is a fast drawing artist too. When we visited his booth at Gedung Pewayangan Kautaman TMII, he shows us his skill of drawing. All the characters of Pandawa Lima wayang reimagined were quickly drawn by him without a doubt. It’s really amazing to see his skill.


In front of Rafif booth at Gedung Pewayangan Kautaman TMII, April 2017

His dad told me, from Rafif drawing then being traced into vector graphic to be applied for his wayang reimagined 2D standing characters, backdrop and even this t-shirt material. So cool, eh?

You can order this kind of t-shirt or any other stuffs from RS Works page at site. RS Works stands for Rafif Satrio, his first and middle name. Grab yours at this site.

Way to go Rafifo, work harder to make this Wayang Reimagined famous!


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