Great Theme Park, Lousy Musholla


BANDUNG – Trans World Studio Bandung is an awesome theme park. Compared to Universal Studio Singapore, I really prefer this one. But one thing, the musholla here is so under expectation. The carpet smells stinky and the musholla is not big either.

Hoping someday they will upgrade and renovating this musholla for a better place to pray at.

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Lotte Ciputra World Musholla


JAKARTA – I always wonder about musholla/prayer room in new mall here like Lotte Shopping Avenue in Ciputra World building. If the old mall usually put the prayer room in basement or in the car parking lot, most the new ones already provide musholla in their storeys inside.

Several good things that take my attention here are:
1. This musholla has a nice prayer room interior design (see the above pic), even on its ablution area:


2. Nice partition to devide the prayer room.


3. Sarong, mukenah and sajadah are available and kept in nice racks.


4. No officers to keep the shoes but they’re providing lockers for free.


Okay, those are my first impression about this lovely musholla. By not putting this musholla¬† in the stinky area along with the cars is already taken my hat off, moreover with clean, nice and well-design interior like this, It’s really deserved to put the label of ‘Executive Musholla’ on front.

Keep up the good things, please.

Jama’ Pray at Dubai Int’l Airport


DUBAI – We are having 7.5 hours of flight from Jakarta in a calm weather. We’re arriving at 1 o’clock in the afternoon and it’s a perfect timing to joining two times of sholat.

The prayer rooms are everywhere in this lovely airport and easily found. We took the prayer room in the B gate sections.

It’ s so clean, clean and clean. Love it very much.

Musholla Summarecon Mal Bekasi


BEKASI – This is my first visit to Summarecon Bekasi Mall/SMB. And when Dzuhur time has come, I seek the musholla inside this well-designed mall. Alhamdulillah the developer did not put this musholla in the car parking lot, they put it on 2nd floor, near the rest room.

Like a standard for many musholla in Jakarta malls, they provide the officers for shoes lockers and a good place for ablution. The room is air conditioned and big enough for many people to do sholat altogether.

Looking forward to see this musholla well maintained all over the time, because all moslems visitors need this musholla like the way it is now.

Mushollla East Mall Grand Indonesia


JAKARTA – This big and elite mall like Grand Indonesia should have a bigger musholla. But okay, at least they don’t put the musholla in the car parking area like many other malls in Jakarta.

Moreover, there are several things that make me pleasant with this musholla, such as a shoe deposit box and the officer who say salam and nice greet to every person until a good place for ablution.

Please keep it nice and clean.

Little Musholla, Great Usefulness


JATIBENING – Its name is Musholla Al Anwar, located near the exit ramp of Pondok Gede Timur toll gate. In the rush hour like this, where people are running out of time to do sholat/prayer in their home, this musholla is the perfect place to do at. No wonder it’s a full house at the time I write it.

Although the musholla itself is not too tidy and clean, that should not become a consideration for not doing sholat here because this Al Anwar is the nearest musholla nearby.

Ever asked who owned this musholla but the man just shaking his head. Okay, whoever owns this musholla, may they gain rewards for a lifetime as long as the people keep doing sholat here.

Musholla Epiwalk


JAKARTA – As it should, laid in the gorgeous building in gold triangle area of Jakarta, the musholla here is good enough. Homy, air conditioned, full of carpets and clean place for ablution, makes easy for me to admit this musholla is above the average.

Even though, still, there are some people choose this place for sleeping instead of praying, although the iqomah has been announced.

Hoping the tidy and cleanliness of this musholla could be maintained.

Musholla Kota Kasablanka

JAKARTA – A very good musholla in the mall. From its location not in the basement nor near the car parking lot, this musholla is big clean. Moreover, it’s big enough to perform sholat Jumat.

There are lockers for visitor in the front, clean and spacious place for wudhu/ablition and they provide sarung and mukenah too, makes me vote this musholla might be the one among the best musholla in Jakarta’s mall.

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