BKJ Cutting Stickers

Today I am supervising the cutting stickers work in Balai Kopi Jogokariyan. We ordered 4 stickers to be placed in front door and side window.

I am hoping these stickers making this place more artful and inviting many customers to visit when they saw them at the first place.

Welcome to Balai Kopi Jogokariyan. May I brew you a cup of coffee, please?

DR Zakir Naik in Bekasi 2017

Alhamdulillah, so lucky being here, attending the lecture from DR Zakir Naik, held in the biggest stadium in Bekasi, Stadion Patriot Candrabhaga.

I took along my wife and our eldest daughter to attend this rare and long-waited event.

Many spectators were coming tonight, exceeding the capacity of this biggest stadium in Bekasi. And based on organizing committee information, there were total of 19 people were declared their syahadat, ma syaa Allah.