KLCC in The Morning

Alhamdulillah, 4 days of job here in KL has been completely done. We entered the hotel room at 01.45 last night but at 06.30 we are going out to KLCC (again?) just to take photo of these big twin towers in the morning.

So we took a place in front of Public Bank office and ready to take a shot.

Unfortunately, many policemen around so I don’t have a chance to fly my drone. Even worse, Hilman didn’t forget to bring his tripod to take long exposure shot but he forgot to bring ND filters with him.

So, no good photo we took this morning, only these selfie of us instead and snapshot from my Asus Zenfone Zoom S mobile phone, haha!


Our Team in KL

Here’s our complete member team for these 4 full days of work in Kuala Lumpur.

We met at Tugu Negara, as all the participants from Kinabalu and Jakarta are also gathered.

Actually, we missed our one more member, bang Zano. But since this schedule of project was collided with his personal agenda, he can’t make it.

Rock on, lets do the job.

Ditraktir Chita dan Bona

Malam ini diajak adik bungsuku, Chita dan Bona, ke restoran daun pisang ala India di Sri Nirwana Maju di daerah Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.

Rasanya enak, pas di lidah, walau setelah selesai makan kepalaku rada pusing, mungkin karena kolesterolku naik gara-gara kuah santannya yang cukup keras untuk ukuranku, haha!

Thanks adekku sayang, maaf udah bikin kamu khawatir ya, mas mu wis tuwo iki.. 🤗